Our Chairman

David Evans MBE

David Evans MBE

Chairman and Founder

David Evans MBE is a serial Social Entrepreneur. He is the founder of The Grass Roots Group, a company he began in 1980 in a basement office in London which now has offices around the world, employing thousands of people.

He is seen as a senior and influential figure in the field of motivation. He has pioneered work in disability awareness, diversity understanding and childcare provision, and in 2006 and 2007 was listed in HR Magazine’s top 100 influencers.

In 2008, David Evans was awarded an MBE for services to corporate social responsibility after pioneering initiatives such as offering work placements to homeless people, providing his local community with a theatre, school facilities and sports, in addition to raising millions for charity.

About Matilda’s Planet

Some years ago Matilda, Social Entrepreneur David Evans MBE‘s five year old daughter, told him he should take more responsibility for the environment. Her words prompted him to establish Matilda’s Planet.

At Matilda’s Planet we are committed to finding solutions to our energy problems. The company’s values are to be socially responsible, sustainable – and to provide practical solutions to the real problem of keeping your house warm.

We have a solution that’s both practical and socially responsible. We all know that changing the way we consume energy is something we have to do – but actually doing anything about it is a challenge. Matilda’s Planet came from a little girl’s belief that it’s the job of the ‘grown-ups’ to make sure that the legacy we leave for our children is one both we, and they, can be proud of.