The Blanket System for Installers

We are looking for installers Nationwide

Everyone loves a fad, the next viral challenge and something to talk about. The only constant for the above is their relevance. They are relevant for as long as it takes a coffee to go cold during a winter blizzard.

Innovation paired with continuous research and development has allowed the “Blanket System” to uphold its position as the world’s only internal wall insulation system of its kind.

Our system provides installers the opportunity of a lifetime, to be able to provide their clients with a proven product that is robust, extremely efficient and  enables them to complete projects in a time that was previously unimaginable.

Matilda’s Planet has created a comprehensive qualification for the “Blanket System” that includes; a taught module, on the job training, complete training manuals and on going support.

The Blanket has no wet trades, all the components are delivered in a complete box set, to be installed like a massive vertical jigsaw all whilst the residents stay in situ with minimal disruption to their lives.

Main Benefits for our Installers

  • Matilda’s Blanket Panels Globally unique internal wall insulation system.

  • Minimal disruption and residents do not have to be decanted.

  • 25 year guarantee

  • Install and decoration can be completed in record time (within a week).

  • No wet trades or scaffolding required

  • On-going support

  • Approved and certified by BBA, BRE, NSAI, PAS2030, Trustmark and GDGC

Quality Assurance

Matilda’s Planet holds the right to suspend or remove Installer Partners from the approved installer list if found to have Non-Approved Operatives installing the system. As part of initial installer training on-site inspections will take place on the first property installation. Should the installation/training manager deem it necessary further training may be required until each installer operative has achieved the required standard. This is at the discretion of the Installation/Training Manager. Continuous surveillance will be carried out by the Installation Manager and colleagues, who will carry out inspections at random.

Become an installer

Matilda’s Planet operates a strict training and surveillance process. The success of each installed system is not only reliant on the quality in production, but also the quality of each install. Therefore, a detailed and structured training process is in place to allow installers to fully understand the Blanket System before and during any installation.

For further information and to apply to become an approved Matilda’s Planet Installer please email us at