Matilda's Sunshine System

About the system

Matilda’s Sunshine is an innovative, low energy, low carbon eco-friendly heating source that is set to be the heating of the future. We aim to address the issues found in old housing stock to ease the effects of fuel poverty and create warm comfortable homes.

The system can be retrofitted into any hard to heat property in a matter of minutes to give instantaneous heat even on the coldest of days. The system is perfect for landlords, tenants and organisations looking to reduce their energy bills.

Unlike traditional heating products Matilda’s Sunshine is smart, slim and environmentally friendly, resulting in the reduction of your energy consumption by over 60%.

The benefits of Matilda’s Sunshine have revolutionised the heating market. It is flexible and can be positioned where it is needed for direct acting heat.

The Matilda system


We have all heard of boiler breakdowns, radiator leaks, and extortionate repair costs. Matilda’s Sunshine requires no ongoing maintenance. No servicing, there’s no breakdowns and no moving parts. With “ZERO” maintenance costs the sunshine system is hassle free and far more economic to run than any other heating system.


The only ERP A+ rated system available. Guaranteed to reduce your energy consumption.


At 20mm thin, it is thinner than any heating system on the market. Its sleek design helps to saves valuable space. The Matildas Sunshine radiant heating panels can be installed anywhere with relative ease.


At Matilda’s Planet we are all about innovation. After developing the most sophisticated internal wall insulation system in the world, we have now embarked on a journey to supply to the most effective radiant heating panels on the market.

Long life

With a service life of 25 years, Matilda’s Sunshine comes with a 10-year guarantee.


The Sunshine Panels are modern, sleek and have a slimline design allowing you to save space effectively. We are bringing the future to you, today.


Our panels come in an array of sizes, colours, and designs to suit everyone’s individual needs. What is even better is that each panel can be controlled using an online application. You are in control anytime anywhere.