Thermal Imaging Results

Properties on the left have had Matildas Blanket installed. The heat leakage of the properties on the right is quite visible.

Technical and Credentials

  • Matilda’s Blanket has been tested by the UKAS approved National Physical Laboratory and shown to deliver a remarkable insulation u-value of 0.28 or less
  • The system’s performance has been verified as part of a Solid Wall Insulation Trial with the Energy Savings Trust
  • Air tightness was also tested and shown to improve by 35%
  • Panel lamination includes a high insulation foam core and three separate layers of air-tight, vapour control membrane. The wall is covered in an additional membrane layer, and a air gap is created between the panel and the wall
  • The installed system has a fire classification of B – s1, d0 in accordance with BS EN 13501-1 : 2018 and is therefore non-combustible.
  • The front face of the panels are extremely durable with up to 70kg hanging resistance
  • Because the system avoids any dramatic temperature changes and has no cold bridging, it also helps to prevent damp, and both standard and interstitial condensation, along with the resulting condensation mould.
  • The system carries a 25-year insurance backed guarantee